Training Events

2.5" Attack Package Training

We have been working diligently to be proficient in delivering "big water" to "big fire" as quick as possible. We believe in the concept of overcoming a fire with a quick and violent application of massive amounts of water. Basically, we intend to overcome a large fire's ability to maintain control of a burning building by taking away the heat as quickly as possible.

On those types of fire incidents where the fire has control of a building, we must be able to gain tactical superiority. This is done by applying massive amounts of water, fast.

Applying large volumes of water on a fire is NOT EASY. A 150 foot long 2.5" fire hose with water inside it weighs a little under 500 pounds. Dragging that hose over curbs and through bushes is problematic, especially when you are short-staffed. Thus, we train on how to get the hose where it is needed before it is full of water.

Fires are an extreme stress situation and as such, we require lots of practice preparing for a real event. We work hard developing a good comprehension of firefighting procedures. This training saves invaluable time when lives are in danger. When seconds count, we are counting seconds. Literally.

Search and Rescue Training, October 2018

The Batson Oil Patch Community Center graciously allowed us to use their facility for search and rescue training. Their building was still setup as a haunted house and was in a perfect state for us do building searches. It was creepy in there but, the training was invaluable.

SCBA Training, September 2018

FD Tactics Training, August 2018

The BVFD partnered with FD Tactics Training back in August 2018 to help us train on the most dangerous fire fighting function we do: structural firefighting. Our department saw the need to bring in outside instructors who specialize in rural firefighting procedures where a public water supply isn't available. We spent the weekend working with them and they added a ton of tools to our tool box. Subsequent to the training session, we re-thought some of our procedures and can say, definitively, that we are better prepared for such as event. Below are some pictures of our training from that weekend.