Please Support our Sales Tax Referendum!!

What is this sales tax referendum all about?

Hardin County ESD 4, the funding mechanism for the Batson Volunteer Fire Department, is seeking additional funding avenues to financially support the BVFD. ESD 4 and subsequently the BVFD are grossly underfunded and struggling to provide quality emergency services to the citizens of Batson.

How do we plan to fix it?

We wish to impose a .02 cent sales tax on purchases made in Batson. This can only be done with voter approval. We need your support!

Why Are We Pushing This Referendum Now?

There are a limited number of sources available to fund your fire department. We need to secure this funding to ensure BVFD is capable of adequately serving the community. The .02 cents we are asking you to grant us can and likely will be claimed by other taxing bodies. We want to keep money that was taxed from Batson, in Batson. Passing this referendum will guarantee that.

But Batson ins't the big city, taxes are bad!!

Yes, we agree, we don’t like the big city either. However, when you shop in Liberty, you are paying sales tax to help fund their cities emergency services. Likewise, the money you spend on sales tax in Beaumont, goes to the City of Beaumont, not Batson.

We hope to get the same benefit of money generated in Batson. We want the money spent in Batson to stay in Batson, in the form of better fire protection.

Travelers use the infrastructure in our town to fuel their vehicles and they depend on your fire department to help them when they crash. We need their help with funding the fire department. This sales tax would add a few cents to their fuel bill. Over time, this money would help BVFD respond to emergencies.

Reality: The two cents we are trying to secure for the fire department will be claimed by someone eventually

These 2 cents are available for any government organization to seize upon successful county-wide referendum.

There has been discussion by Hardin County to create a “county-wide drainage district”, funded by these same two cents.

A county-wide vote would take money from our community and leave us with nothing to show for it but a promise for better drainage someday.

Where do you want your money to go?

We are extremely skeptical that any money collected from Batson residents by Hardin County would ever come back to Batson

If you approve this tax initiative, it is GUARANTEED that your money will be put towards YOUR fire department and not a drainage ditch in Lumberton. Use It Or Lose It

But doesn't the FD already have enough money?

No!! We are severely underfunded. Our equipment is old and needs to be replaced. We lack important equipment and tools.

“The world grew, but BVFD didn’t grow with it.”

The entirety of our current fleet should have been retired around 2008. We are struggling to keep these apparatus in working order. All of our apparatus are second hand equipment from other departments who retired their old vehicles.

We are solution orientated here at BVFD

We are trying to play catch-up. The consequences of years of poor funding results in a overwhelming list of unmet needs for BVFD.

We have a team of strong leaders who are working to figure out how to provide top-quality services with insufficient income.

We are working to improve services by making smart purchases, pursuing grant funds and having a successful sales tax referendum.

What will this cost me?

The current rate is .0625 cents out of $1.00

We are proposing an increase of .02 cents additional per $1.00

If approved, purchases made in Batson would be taxed at .0825 cents per $1.00

This is the same sales tax rate that you pay in Liberty, Beaumont or Baytown


We are diligently trying to provide the best emergency services money can buy. With your help, we can make the best use of all the financial resources available. Help us help you, vote yes to the Hardin County ESD 4 Sales Tax Referendum!

Let's Talk About it!

Give us a call, we would love to talk to you! You can call us at 936-262-7932